Carry On

Student Entrant 2020

San Jose State University, Oakland Technical High, Life Academy
Team Urn: Jennifer Nguyen (programmer/levels), Jian Wen Wu (levels), Eduardo Ubirco-Oritz (narrative), Israel Johnson (levels), Mai-Khanh Pham (producer/artist)


Carry On is a side scrolling puzzle platformer that expresses the idea of grief as a physical burden, emphasizing feelings of heaviness after losing a loved one and the Herculean effort it takes to accept loss. Our player is tasked with the objective of carrying an urn from the from the beginning of the mountain to the top. Though, the difficulty comes into play once the player gets ahold of the urn, slowing down the player's movements, making it harder to progress through. This brief hike in Carry On is meant to be taken as a metaphor for the journey for growth and acceptance.