Castle Rumble

Entrant 2014

Polygon Madness Studio


--- OUR GAME ---
In our game you are a powerful kid magician, with a set of powers donated to you by a purple giant.
You have to use basic and special powers to protect your castle.

The game is basically and endless game with a top down view of the area you have to defend. In each level you will see a castle and the surrounding area and two situations can occur based on the choosen gameplay style:
- Invasion! (Daytime): you have to defend yourself from incoming attackers that will roam in the map in the castle direction. Hit them before they hit the castle!
- Night Bandits (Nightime): you must not allow the bandits to escape away from your castle with your gold. Hit them before they escape from the level.

While you play more and more enemies will spawn and get angrier and angrier. Try to make the higher possible score before they overrun you!!

Disclaimer: In the build presented here we show four levels, two by day and two by night.
We are currently working on balancing the game mechanics and adding more levels.