Entrant 2015



Castleclysm (noun) - Any absurd upheaval, especially one of a dramatic social or political nature occurring within a castle interior.

So there's a big Castle, a bunch of really angry peasants, a very irresponsible King, and some out-of-place Magic Casters. Come on! How bad could it be?

Embark on a medieval journey of many tales: An insolent King, a grand Castle, angry peasants, and the Magic Casters that find themselves in bizarre situations. Play as one of the Magic Casters and follow their tales of drama, comedy, and mayhem. Deal with mobs of angry peasants that all wish to destroy the Castle... with you inside! It's castleclysm! Do everything you can! Defend yourself with the Castle's many valuable objects--treasure chests, chandeliers, the King's throne and more — or conjure your many crowd sweeping spells to rid the hall of different types of intruders that want you gone! Can you survive the perpetual mayhem known as Castleclysm?