Entrant 2016

ACE EdVenture Studio


ChemCaper: Act I - Petticles in Peril, is a Chemistry role-playing game where you acquire skills, level up, and fight battles to restore order in the world of Reac Ta.
This tale centers on Roub, a young Moon Being from Reac Ta, who has a premonition about Xenon - the Moon Beings' missing deity. He is sent on a quest to train in his fighting skills and follow the trail of rumors of a glowing figure appearing in Camp Ungku. Roub eventually returns bearing indeterminate news on the elusive deity, only to discover that disaster has struck Reac Ta and that his parents could be in danger.

Immerse yourself in this RPG in which elements, compounds, and bonds have jumped to life within a striking game environment. ChemCaper is the world's first digital education game which genuinely bridges the gap between education and entertainment.