Chessboard Kingdoms

Entrant 2019

Hashed Egg


Fusion of computer turn-based strategy gameplay and chess. Expanding chess rules in such a way that is interesting to play in a form of a video game is a not an easy task, and that is exactly what we are trying to do in Chessboard Kingdoms. It is not a new skin for ordinary chess pieces. In fact, first and foremost it is a turn-based strategy game with a variety of tactical scenarios, castles, sieges, basic economy, warriors, even wizards! Chess happens to spice it up by landing its familiar movement patterns to our units.

In Chessboard Kingdoms you can fight for dominance in classic chess-inspired "Kill the King" mode, but also in "Capture the Flag", which isn't normally seen in turn-based strategy games. Various terrains and obstacles make for interesting maps with tons of strategic exploits to be discovered. Multiplayer is a strong focus and players are encouraged to try their skills against up to 3 other players in on-line matches, or insingle-player against AI.