Entrant 2014

Mighty Menace Games


Clockefeller is a 2D platformer with shifting gravity that takes place in and around a Magical Clock in the sky. The gears of the Clock create a gravity field which allows the player to explore around the gears. Each level challenges the player to figure out how to maneuver past enemies, hazards and gears while collecting coins, using items, and finding keys that unlock the next level. Beware the cat trying to stop you with his giant, doom machines.

-4 Unique Worlds - Each world has its own environmental challenges along with a boss battle. A total of 48 levels, including 4 boss levels.
-Challenging Gravity Field Physics - The gravity fields provide a new perspective to the standard 2D platformer. Jump around corners of gears to reach platforms that were unreachable by simply jumping up. Move blocks around the gears to help you reach keys and platforms.
-Collect keys to activate the elevator - A Menace has hidden the keys to the elevator throughout each level. You'll need to collect the 4 keys to activate the elevator up to the next level.
-Coins, coins and more coins - Collect coins to buy precious items and other goodies.
-Items are your friend - Find or buy items like jetpacks or bombs to help you through the more challenging levels.
-A whimsical story - A Magical Clock in the sky, built to fight an unbreakable curse, suddenly stops working. It's up to a simple farmer to find a way to restart the Clock.