A Clockwork Brain

Entrant 2013

Total Eclipse


A Clockwork Brain is a fun and challenging puzzle game, suitable for the whole family, and perfect for exercising those grey cells. It comes with more than a dozen original, brain-bending mini-games and features one-tap, bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay. The game is meticulously hand-painted with influences from Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art.

Some features:

*Challenge Mode: Pick four games to play in a row and challenge yourself!
*Tokens and Upgrades: Earn Tokens as you play and use them to unlock free upgrades!
*Leaderboards: Are you the best? Compete globally and find out!
*Achievements: More than 30 achievements to earn and prove your worth!
*Insane Round: If you haven't reached that, you've still got some way to go!