Entrant 2019

Wraith Games


Collapsus is an award-winning, block-crunching, resource-managing, gravity-defying puzzle game experience unlike anything you've ever played before! Join Leon the Chameleon as you tilt, twist, turn, and break your way to victory! That's right, in Collapsus you physically turn your device to change how gravity works! Collapsus really turns the genre on its head!

Collapsus features:

● Three standard difficulties and two unlockable harder difficulties in both timed and untimed forms
● 25 Challenge modes that add new content to the game and 25 Plus modes that build on those new mechanics
● An endless Zen mode
● A Puzzle mode with 300 built-in, hand-designed, single-screen puzzles
● An online Puzzle Maker, to create and share your own puzzles online
● A free daily puzzle that we intend on supporting for a year or two
● Up to 8-player local and online multiplayer battle mode
● Online high score leaderboards and over 200 in-game medals
● Over 40 accessibility options for players with disabilities
● Experimental "adaptive soundtrack" from award-winning chiptune artist Glenntai
● 10 different languages
● No ads, no in-app purchases and free content updates