Collective Action!

Entrant 2018

Sara Fowler, Ben Moren, Tyler Stefanich


Collective Action! invites you to work together with other participants to perform creative, collective actions responding to climate change issues. Start by using your phone to explore the Collective Action! mobile website, create a unique avatar, join a team, and prepare to perform!

The core gameplay invites players to perform short actions with other audience members in an informal and collaborative setting. We are calling the prompts which incite these performances collective action tasks. These performances are facilitated by large scale public projection which helps queue players to form groups and provides a collection of tasks for the group of players to perform together. The game will address unique themes around climate change such as water issues or animal impact. Each theme will affect the way we handle projected animations, imagery, the rendering of typography for the collective action tasks, how player's avatars interact on the projection, how the layout of the space and collective action performance area are organized, and most importantly, the poetic tone of, and type of, interactions the collective action tasks utilize.

As a way of having participants enact and rehearse the kinds of collective actions we need to undertake to combat climate change, one collective action task might invite a group of participants to personify pieces of an abstract phenomenon, like a rain storm. In this case, the prompt can take on a poetic tone where the group performing together reveal the storm. Thinking about a water/perceive theme the prompt becomes; player1, you are a cloud hovering above; player2 you are the sun trying to peek through the clouds; player3, you are rain falling down; player4 you are lightning striking the ground; player5, you are thunder rolling across the hills; player6, you are caught in the storm without an umbrella. Perform the rainstorm.

Collective Action!, draws inspiration from the expansive history of non-competitive group games ranging from the new games foundation, to fluxus experiments and performances, and earth day activities.