Entrant 2014

Gradient Studios, Inc.


As a multiplayer spaceship battle game, co.llide has physics driven action, custom ship creation, and instant sharing; all in your browser. There are no downloads and no special plug-ins. Simply head to the game via in Chrome or Firefox and start playing. Pilot a ship where every firing of your thruster matters. Blast through opponents and watch their scrap scatter, or fight to keep your ship under control after getting blasted yourself. Use the spaceship editor with an ever growing variety of modules, so you can create ships that run the gamut from graceful and deadly to awkward and hilarious.

In addition, each battle arena is represented by a unique link. Every ship you design is, too. Copy and share those links however you like: Twitter, Facebook, instant message, email… Once your friend clicks, the battle is on. They can instantly join you in the same arena or check out the ship you have been putting together.

The game is currently in the alpha stage, meaning there are features still being developed and improved play to experience every week. Working from the heart of Boston, Gradient Studios is a team of 4 intrepid individuals who all believe in pushing the boundaries of open web technology. We love games and we love the web, so it brings us great pleasure to bring you something fresh and fun to play in your browser.