Entrant 2014

Tom Evans / acatcalledfrank


CUBD is a brain-bending 3D arcade-puzzle game for iOS: imagine Tetris and Bejewelled having a party in a Rubik's Cube and you're mostly there. SPIN the puzzle in slick 3D, ROTATE cubes with the intuitive touchscreen interface and MATCH colours to score and survive against the clock.

CUBD is a game of deceptive simplicity, and there are hidden depths behind its starkly minimal graphics. You'll need to think in 3D and balance short-term survival with long-term strategy to maximise your score.

CUBD has already won an NVidia competition while in beta and earned a coveted FWA Mobile of the Day award. Players are saying things like "[it's] one of the best bite-size puzzle games on the App Store". Isn't it time you played CUBD?