Cube Sync

Entrant 2014

Shifter G Studios and CPT Technologies


This miniature platform game is about as simple as it gets.
You're mission: you are the blue cube, and you must dodge the musically spawning red cube as much as possible, while at the same time destroy as many red cubes as much as possible, by collecting "green power" cubes. These Green power cubes give you an extra speed boost and make you invulnerable or a limited time. The game works using the soundtrack of your choice. Once you finish a particular soundtrack the game will calculate the overall points you have accumulated with the soundtrack selected.

The cubes spawn depending on the beats of the soundtrack you choose.

or is it?....


Left for Left
Right For Right
Space for Jumping
numbers 1 to 4 for a selection of soundtracks

Once you lose a game you have to tap the corrosponding number to retry. Losing in a game with soundtrack #2 for example you would have to tap #2 again to retry.

in the end phase of the final build the game has the ability to retry via retry button as soon as you lose, this WILL be Implemented in the final phase of the product aand so replicates the final build of the game.

To exit a game you must do the usual ctrl del to do so