Entrant 2014

Brian Handy, Rolando Nadal, Waterflame


Cubior is a multiplayer splitscreen platformer, aiming to merge the fun of Halo co-op campaigns with the light hearted exploration of 90's 3d platformers. With simple controls and easy drop in/out gameplay, Cubior aims to bring couch gaming back into the spotlight for bigger genres with a wider audience. Push and shove your friends as you help or hinder their progression towards the goal, and work as a team to get to the end, or race to the finish. With easy camera controls that don't get in your way, Cubior takes on the 3d platformer problem by reducing the game to its core mechanics. Climbing is the focus here, and once you get to the top, you are rewarded with a new level to take on just as quickly as you beat the last. In short: it's a game about platforming with friends.