Darkarta: Quest for your lil honey

Entrant 2016

Tuttifrutti Interactive


Have you ever loved anyone - more than your life?

'Darkarta: Quest for your lil honey' is an adventure point & click game. Black magic themed fantasy story revolves around the epic journey of a mother in search of her lost daughter through dimensions to Netherworld, an exotic unexplored world - through the forgotten civilization of Indus valley! This is a fictional story with some inspiration from Purana (Indian epics) and world archaeological history! Specifically we are aiming to take adventure gamers through an unforeseen mystic world(civilization) - that they haven't yet experienced before!
Our demo got 'Best in Showcase: Audience Choice' runners up award ("Indie Prize") at Casual Connect Asia, 2014.

3 unique factors of this adventure HOPA
1. 'Live' the memoirs of a loving mom – a touching saga of true love.
2. Journey through dimensions to the lost civilization of Indus Valley
( Explore 'unforeseen' immersive environs )
3. Paranormal mind to mind teleporting & telepathic mind reading