Death Stair

Student Entrant 2016

Academy of Interactive Entertainment
RnD Labs


Death Stair is the first of it's kind. A competitive stair climbing game for two to four players.

Think of it like 3D NES Donkey Kong with 4 players but instead of a giant monkey throwing barrels, it's a deranged psychopath in a cannon firing beach balls to stop you from reaching the top of a giant stair case.

Players assume the role of either the Gunner or a Runner. As the Gunner, your only objective is to stop the Runner from reaching the top of the stairs before the time runs out. As the Runner your only objective is to reach the top of the stairs in one piece.

The gunner must play a very defensive game using a variety of ammunition to slow the Runner down, while the Runner is very maneuverable and must cleverly ascend the stair case while dodging every thing thrown at him by the Gunner.

Death Stair is a fast paced multiplayer experience designed to bring people together just to tear them apart.


- More than 15 different modes that alter the gameplay. From different ammunition, to cooperative modes there is something to keep you amused all day long!

- 12 Playable characters!

- More than 20 different ammo types for the cannon!
Ammunition can be changed in custom match and the Gunner can choose their desired loadout. 3 different types of ammo are available to the Gunner, Primary, Secondary and Special.

- More than 15 different Perks for the Runners!
Perks are being designed and implemented in the Custom Mode. They will enhance a variety of different attributes of the Runner. There will be 3 perk categories to choose from: Offensive, Defensive and Movement. The player will be able to choose one from each category to create their loadout.