Defend the Cake

Entrant 2018

Defend the Cake LLC


Defend the Cake is a strategic and scrumptious tower defense game set in a fantastical food themed world where you defend castles made of cake from ants and other bugs coming to steal a slice. Take your time planning and building long windy mazes out of toast, and place defenses on top of them to fend of the bugs. Then, when you are ready, send your workers out to power up your defenses in real time to give them the extra help they need to thwart the enemy. Ready for an additional challenge? Test your maze against endless escalating waves of bugs in Score Attack, and see if you can score high enough to top the leaderboard.

With Defend the Cake, we seek to create a more strategy-oriented tower defense that we hope will satisfy veterans of the genre, coupled with a fun, whimsical aesthetic that we hope will invite newcomers as well. At the start of every level, you choose where to place your Cake on the map, which can lead to many possible strategies for defending it. Each turn, the number of actions you can perform is limited by the number of Eggbird workers you have, so you must think ahead and plan carefully.