Entrant 2015

Matthew Gunter


The Game
The game is a classic style first person dungeon crawler, where you form a party of adventurers and go into a dungeon, fighting monsters, solving puzzles, collecting equipment and treasure, and learning the the dungeons secrets.

The Setting
The setting of the game is a medieval fantasy world full of strange races like vegetable people, land dolphins, yetis and others.

The Story
There was a gnome who's dream was to make a pretend dungeon that could be enjoyed by all. Eventually the place went out of business, and overtime it slowly became an actual dungeon. The player forms a party to enter the dungeon and find out what happened to the place. When you go in, it still has all of the typical information signs you would find in a theme park, and it's questionable how much of what you are seeing is part of the original attraction or a real dungeon. As you go through the dungeon you find notes from the dungeon master's journal telling his story about how he went from creating his dream dungeon to becoming obsessed and losing everything he had.