Entrant 2020

Beyond Red Wave Arts LLC


Delphyq (del-fik) is a Real-time/Pause Strategy & Tactics game that puts you on the seat of a "Mastermind" requiring you to analyze each situation, evaluate the available resources, choose the missions, plan the attack and execute the plan. Delphyq aims to provide its players with a more realistic tactical combat experience (not found in any turn-based strategy game) with the implementation of a Real-Time/Pause system...because real combat does not happen in turns.

In Delphyq, you play the role of an enigmatic mastermind in command of an elite, hand-picked group of individuals called the Operatives. The world is ruled by an oppressive corporate armistice known as The Balance, and it is your job to bring it down at all costs.

Adaptive thinking is the key to survival, and mastering the game's three main components is critical to your success: Analyze. Plan. Execute. The future depends on it.