DERU - The Art of Cooperation

Entrant 2019

Ink Kit


In this couch co-op experience two players team up to overcome the boundaries of shadow and light and succeed through teamwork, timing and tactics. Block streams for your partner, juggle your mass to make each other huge for traversing big streams. To succeed you have to communicate and plan together, fuse your brains and bring your co-op gaming skills on the next level.

Deru is more than your usual puzzle game, you need to have dexterity, precision and use strategic planning to reach the exit of each level.

Everybody can join! Friends, family and foes:

Enjoy beautiful abstract art while solving mind-bending puzzles
Elegance: Simple and easily understandable mechanics create complex and satisfying puzzles
Great atmospheric music
Multiple worlds packed with many brain twisting riddles
Couch Co-op: merge your brains together to overcome the streams and barriers
Single Player: Challenge your twin stick skills to tackle the puzzles solo