Entrant 2014

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Descend into the cyber world of >Dev/Null, where a rookie mistake leads to a system-wide calamity. Investigate and fight back against the damage in a zero gravity 360° environment with complete movement freedom. Beware, for the enemy is highly intelligent, and you will find yourself caught up in fierce, gut-wrenching arena battles, fighting for your life and the fate of your network. Move along through the cramped tunnels with multiple weapons, tools, and power-ups, and to the sound of a thumping dynamic musical score.

-6 Degrees of Freeedom 360 environment
-Arena paced combat
-Beautiful cyberspace setting
-Gut wrenching action
-Advanced AI with custom pathfinding
-Dynamic musical score
-Oculus rift Support
-Multiple weapons! Powerups! Tools AND MORE!