Entrant 2018

Among Giants


Distortions is a single-player game based on the overcoming of past experiences and relationships.

An adventure where the songs are your weapons, and the tales of a journal, your guide.
Control the Girl through the most diverse locations, as mountains, forests, caves, rivers, lakes and even the sea, using the power of her music to shape the world around you. Create bridges, explosions and barriers. Become invisible, move stones around, learn to hear the sounds of the world and talk to it through your violin.

A girl wakes up in a strange place where time seems to stand still. While she recovers her identity by reminiscing with the help of a strange masked man, she must decide what to leave behind to move on with her life and expectations.
The Girl find a journal with a few annotations. These writings lead to a violin. With her music, the Girl gets to shape the world, creating extraordinary effects and changes. With each new song, a new tool arises.

* Shape the world with music in real time.
* More than 15 hours of game experience.
* A story about overcoming the past and how far is worth going to preserve a memory.
* An open world full of natural beauty.
* Fight the masked creatures.
* Play with The Masked One.
* Survive while contemplating.