Dragon Fin Soup

Entrant 2014

Grimm Bros


Dragon Fin Soup is a spicy RPG that blends together roguelike elements & deeply flawed characters with tales of murder, madness and a splash of dark humorous libation.

Dragon Fin Soup Key Ingredients:
- Gorgeous HD Characters and World
- Procedurally generated dungeons
- Tactical Decision Making
- Deep RPG Combat systems
- Unique storylines per Character
- Fairy tale inspired world and setting

Planned additional features Include...
- Variety of scripted and randomly generated missions including rescue, escort, and other roguish adventures
- Fishing & Digging
- Extensive Crafting
- Various Magic and Abilities
- Tons of new dungeons and foes
- Interactive elements, triggers, keys
- Shops to buy and sell items
- Cool pets and NPC for hire
- Consumable items, potions, food, meds