Entrant 2016

Prolificode Software Development Incorporated


It is a strategy / puzzle game intended to challenge people of all ages. Under the surface, it is a Chess Puzzle game. What makes it different is the pieces (Dragzles) have new unique moves and attacks. Unlike chess the dragzles can have ranged attacks, cool downs and other special abilities.

- There are hundreds of levels to play. Randomly generated and verified beatable by the computer AI.
- Three skill levels. Finding a good balance for AI performance and challenge was tricky. The hard AI may take a few seconds to make a move, but the normal mode is relatively quick and challenging.
- Each level is intended to be beaten in less then a minute.
- Each level can be beaten two ways. Wipe out your opponents or recover the stolen gem.
- Independent user progress and game difficulty levels. (nice when you have to share a device with the kids)
- Lots of in game rewards, and ways to spend it.
- Various scoring and ratings for each level. Ratings based against the best AI turns to solve. Times and attempts are also tracked.