Dream Hills

Student Entrant 2017

UPF Barcelona School of Management
Dream Labs


Timmy is a coward and insecure kid that moves to a new village called Dream Hills. When he arrives, he realizes the village is controlled by a crew of bullies. One of these bullies tries to take Timmy's teddy bear, Teddy, which is the kid's inseparable friend. During the struggle, the bully rips Teddy's ear and runs away. Despite its fears, Timmy feels he has to do something and begins the search of the lost ear. This adventure will lead Timmy to get enough courage to face the bullies leader, a big boy that nobody dares to confront.

Play as Timmy in this open-world sandbox fighting those bullies to recover the lost teddy bear piece. Shoot them directly with your slingshot or use the street elements at the village to set traps; craft different projectiles, from firecrackers to stink bombs; drive R/C cars; destroy things and more. Are you brave enough to face these bad kids?

Dream Labs team consists of 5 programmers and 3 artists that made the game in collaboration with a music composer and 5 voice actors.