Entrant 2016



For you who don't have time anymore to play RPG,
dreeps is an "Alarm Playing Game ", a new type of game where the player just have to set an alarm to enjoy an RPG adventure. 

Before going to bed the player just have to set the alarm in dreeps, and the robot boy will sleep like him/her.

When the player will wake up with that alarm in the morning, as he/she'll go to work or to school, the robot boy with go on an adventure though fields, valleys or peninsulas where bosses are waiting for him in dungeons. New days are starting for the player and the robot boy to spend together !
In dreeps, the player will just have to set the alarm, that's all.
 The player can have a look at the adventure on the phone, put it on his/her desk while working, during snack time, just enjoy the game at his/her pace. If the player woke up with dreeps, the adventure will automatically continue as long as the robot boy has enough HP, even if the player doesn't open the app. Depending on which alarm the player will use, his/her sleep and waking time, and other factors, the adventure may alters. The player might be missing some events, but don't mind about it.
There's almost no text in the game. The player can guess or imagine its own version of the story with the hints hidden in visuals and sounds. It takes around one month to the player and the robot boy to clear the adventure.
The player can share some screenshots with its own captions and thoughts about the game on social networks by pressing the " share " button.

dreeps has been featured in various medias like " Famitsu Magazine " (Japan), " Kotaku ", " Polygon " (US), " Wired " (Italy), " Vice " (UK) and many more.
Among gaming medias, it also has been introduced in design magazines and sites, and " SF Magazine " Japan's oldest science-fiction publication.
The game was ranked 1st in " RPG - Paid apps " on the App Store in 21 countries.
dreeps also received the two awards " BEST OF ART " and " BEST OF GAME DESIGN " at the Japanese indie game event INDIE STREAM FES 2015.