Student Entrant 2019

University of Applied Sciences Salzburg


Dromenon is a turn-based tactical RPG, which is played one-on-one in online or local multiplayer.
No battle is ever the same! Neither the members of your own army nor the battlefield itself are predictable, which demands new strategies every round.

The challenge of Dromenon is making the best out of a dire situation and planning on the fly. Both your army and the battlefield are rarely foreseeable which offers countless possibilities for new and exciting strategies in order to increase the size of your loyal followers as well as your own mystical powers. While you do choose a hero before the beginning of every match, your army's units are drafted right there on the battlefield as you and your opponent inspire them to join you on the fly and maps are always procedurally generated.

Matches follow a similar structure to most turn-based tactic RPGs, but offer new twists focusing on positioning, movement and exploration, some of them harkening back to the roots of the genre in games like chess.