Student Entrant 2022

NYU Game Center
the parks staff


dumpling.love is a website
stroll through a forest of abandoned tech
help cows realize their love
make animal friends
go on a guided meditation
consume dumplings
feed cellular automata
explore the archive
snoop around the intimate thoughts of the designers
find the game mechanic
play videogames
dumpliing.love is a park

inspired by many things, including non-hierarchical processes, myst, steev mike, bitsy, wards wiki, goblincore, gamefaqs walkthroughs, dumplings, deep fried memes, tree style tabs, flickgame, miro (the artist), super fucking mario, frogs, apple 2 games we never played, the dark forest theory of the web, keyboards, big holes in the ground, each other <3, Jenny Odell, Dark Souls, surfing, dutch physics professors' websites, the free salad comic strip, getting lost, cows, anarchism, utopias by aaa, Natalie Lawhead, exquisite corpses, "the purpose of gameplay is to hide secrets", benet fody, pidgeons, worker cooperatives, miro (the software), metagaming, Naomi Clarks concept of a pedestrian game, super mario bros 3 in particular, mushrooms!!, sylvie, Zbigniew Rybczynski, Loren Schmidt, special.fish, the internet archive, https://frogfrogforg.itch.io/super-cosmodrome, everest pipkin, lawra clark, john luther adams, all of our classmates, allison parrish, the new games movement, sam sorensen and his love of doom, mcdonalds handheld videogame toys, geocities, house of leaves, thecatamites blog, achewood, publicuniversalfantasy.com, olia lialina, the midwest modern twitter account, the prelinger archive, the rhizome post where they wonder if 4chan is more avant garde than their own website, glorious trainwrecks, open source software, a desire to find harmony between our selves and our self, and, most importantly, the beautiful and igf award winning website, dumpling.love