Dungeon Punks

Entrant 2016

Hyper Awesome Entertainment LLC


Dungeon Punks is the world's only Tag-Team Brawler RPG! Wield rare and magical weapons, find hidden elixirs and scrolls, and subdue and then ride giant beasts as you explore this vast world of magic and mega-corporations. Each character offers a distinct set of spells and attacks to develop and master, with special team attacks and a unique tag-team system that lets you play as two heroes at once from a party of six. Enjoy the very best of old-school arcade brawler fun brought to a new level with modern RPG mechanics and a darkly humorous storyline.

It has been decades since brawlers ruled the arcades, but we fondly recall the good old days of crowding around arcade cabinets, hollering at each other for help and healing as our quarters disappeared into the void. These memories live on. They fill us with a burning desire to reinvent the co-op arcade experience for a new generation. The team at Hyper Awesome Entertainment set out with a simple but lofty goal: to make the best damn brawler RPG of all time! Just four years, thousands of coffees, and hundreds of prototypes later, we think we've finally nailed it. Now the team is barreling towards finishing up the game with an eye towards a 2016 release.