Entrant 2019

Adeline VINCENT and Anne SPIRAU


Element Valley was born this summer when a coach in personal development and a video game maker met.

Adeline and Anne believe in a poetic and interactive way to help people to break free and model their personal power.
We relied on a matrix which is used by Olympic athletes and we worked hard to create fun, surprising and relevant experiences that also make sens in real life.

The game presents 3 ways to play:
- a gradual journey like a coaching
- a discovery à la carte
- an immersive exploration directly into the landscape to discover all the points of view of the valley.

Element Valley is around 50 "points of view"/ experiments to live.

Spoiler Alert: Whenever you have successfully completed an experiment, you will earn a quote ranging from Rihanna to Abbé Pierre or from Martin Luther King to Walt Disney!

In short, we wrote all the experiments.

And we heard about IGF competition... But it was less than 10 days before the deadline!

So, we just have started the first sketches for design, visuals and code of the game less than 10 days ago (around September 22th 2018). Really, yes!! And as crazy it seems to be, it was a fantastic goal to create as quickly as possible for the Festival.
Unfortunately, the first build did'nt achieve yet. But, it will be ready for our next step in Paris the 19th of October at the IndieCade Europe.

Also, we already got our flying tickets to San Francisco on March 2019 to share the avancement of the game with everyone would like to meet us!
Cause we're going to continue to develop this precious game during the next months and participate at IGF next year with a complete game this time, for sure! ;)

Want to know all about this adventure ? You can follow us and let us know about any comment or question about Element Valley. We will be glad to talk to you ;)