Entrant 2016



Entropy is a surreal walk in the woods. It is based on a couple of experiences I've had while wandering through a forest.

In the first, I remember walking through the woods outside of Baltimore not long ago, and I came across a clearing that overlooked a reservoir. As I gazed across, the rippling of the water, the rustling of the leaves, and the trickling of a stream spoke to me, and I realized how harmoniously connected everything was. It was as if the meaning of life were revealed to me through a song sung to me by nature herself.

I was also pretty high on acid. And as I looked around, it felt like I was on an alien world, with the trees breathing and pulsing with life, the bushes waving slowly, and the gills of a nearby mushroom dancing as they spoke some foreign language.

The second is a dream I had. In it, I was lost in the woods somewhere and I came across a stream. As I stopped to look down, I noticed a giant eyeball staring back at me. I realized it was a giant whale that was watching me from beneath the water, and as I looked back, it swam away. It took up the entire width of the stream and as it swam out of view, I realized it had the head of a whale, but the body of a fish. This strange whale dragon pointed the way out of the forest, and suddenly, I didn't feel lost anymore.

Entropy is an exploration of these surreal and psychedelic experiences.