Barkane: The Folds of Calamity

Student Entrant 2024

Georgia Tech
Chase O'Brien & VGDev


Take control of Marmalade, a magical Shiba Inu, on her journey to traverse a paper world and collect the gems of ultimate power! In Barkane: the Folds of Calamity, players navigate a series of 3D paper-folding puzzles, where they must manipulate the level itself to progress. Players can fold sections of the level along joints, allowing them to reshape the world, navigate around obstacles, and solve clever challenges. Move Marmalade around the level in order to collect the crystal shards, activate the goal, and progress to the following level.

Explore 3 unique areas: Cherry Blossom Forest, Snowy Snow Peaks, and the Glowstick Caves. Each area introduces unique mechanics, such as a movable snowball and crackable glowsticks. These objects present new challenges, progressively increasing the difficulty of puzzles – and the satisfaction of solving them. Along the way, you'll unlock special cosmetic items for Marmalade to wear. Revisit old levels to solve them in fewer folds, compete against your friends, and conquer this paper world to become the one and only Barkane Mage!