Best Good Dog

Entrant 2024

Tim Borrelli


The elevator pitch for Best Good Dog is "tik tok paper dog." It's a super casual dog customization, dress up, and photo/video studio game, meant for all ages to share their creations and have fun. It will be a paid app on iOS, with regular free updates for doggo customization options, outfits, backgrounds, animations, and more.

This game started as a love letter to our first dog, Vino, who we said goodbye to in 2022. We have since adopted a senior dog (and added her to the game immediately). It's been a nice therapy to have a digital version of Vino to give belly rubs and ear scritches to, and I am hoping that others can use it for the same purpose, in addition to making doggos do silly things in silly hats.

The goal for Best Good Dog is to be a relaxing, stress-free experience with you and your doggo. We encourage sharing photos and videos online!