Entrant 2024


BioFusion is a VR co-op multiplayer, PvE, first-person shooter, tower defense game. You play as a Soldier or a Strategist. As a Soldier, you grapple, shoot, throw grenades from the ground, air, or on a hovercraft. As a Strategist, you build walls, towers, traps, wielding a bow and a saber. You collect DNA buffs along the way to specialize your hero. Together you defend the Spores of Evolution from hordes of the evil HW corporation. With multiple heroes, verdant landscapes, and new game mechanics not seen before in a VR action-tower defense game. Locomotion options include smooth, teleport, head-based, controller-based, arm-swing, and more. Comfort features include Vignette, Teleport, Snap turning, Arm swing locomotion. Includes native Oculus PC and Steam VR support.