Combo Bombo

Student Entrant 2024

University of Utah
Elation Nation LLC


Combo Bombo is an online multiplayer game where friends can engage in joyful combat using various creative and powerful weapon combinations. Players are challenged to combine different weapons to form even more devastating tools of destruction.

Get ready for the exciting world of Combo Bombo! Engage in thrilling multiplayer battles with friends, using creative and powerful weapon combinations to dominate the competition.

Combine Items into Powerful Weapons
With our innovative weapon combining system, you can mix and match items to create powerful tools of destruction.

Online multiplayer battle
Join the fun and battle it with your friends in our online multiplayer mode.

Different mini-games
And don't forget about our exciting mini-games! Complete them to earn points and gain an edge over your opponents.

With two levels, five mini-games, and ten unique weapons waiting for you, Combo Bombo offers endless hours of thrilling gameplay.