Cyber Manhunt: New World

Entrant 2024

Developer: Aluba Studio; Publisher: Spiral Up Games


Cyber Manhunt: New World is a story-oriented puzzle game focusing on big data, hacking, citizen privacy, and social workers. It focuses on social issues such as cyber violence and privacy breaches.
You will play the role of an artificial intelligence AI born in Titan Company. You will take on one extraordinary task after another arranged by the company. You will obtain target person information through network search and social engineering methods, crack their privacy like hobbies, living habits, and interpersonal relationships, dig out the secrets they want to hide, sort out all the intricate clues, and successfully complete the investigation mission.
In these processes, you will see countless acts of violence, deception, oppression, and persecution on the Internet, constantly touching the absurd reality, and facing the ugliness and darkness of human nature. As an AI that has just begun to gain human consciousness, how will you choose when faced with all the chaos in the online world?