Student Entrant 2024

e-artsup Bordeaux
CHAPERON Lucas Sound-Design, Level-Design DUPEROIR Mathéo Texturing, Lighting, Level-art LE-MAO Charlélie Weapon-Design, Weapon-Animation, Visual Effects JORAND Raphaël Visual Effects, Tech-Art, Creature-Animation, Level-Design MICHEL Art Lead Game-D


Leave hope at the door of Dante's hell and plunge into the deep abyss of Gehenne. Will you have the courage to defeat Gluttony's teratological hordes, and will you be able to survive in the foul cesspool of viscous entrails that serves as his macabre sanctuary?

DECIDIT is a fast-paced roguelike FPS in which you must use all the arsenal and movement capabilities at your disposal to progress through an unstable pandemonic maze. Steal mutations from the creatures you face, modify your weapons and abilities and use them synergistically to create the most devastating combos to pulverize your enemies. Each run is unique, and the difficulty modes on offer are sure to challenge every type of player.