Entrant 2024


Artificial intelligence has plotted a path to a sustainable future, but humans aren't included. Defend humanity in the not-too-distant future against the A.I. in this instant action real-time strategy, tower defense hybrid. Choose your own conflicts in the nonlinear, single-player campaign that's complete with mission rewards and a research tree.

Each level will put your tactical skills to the test as you will have to play an active role in helping your troops withstand the enemy onslaught whether that be repairing defenses, reallocating troops to another front, designating artillery strike zones, or destroying bridges.

Command your troops to victory by taking advantage of everything the battlefield has to offer. Garrison troops in civilian structures for quick defense. Build artillery batteries to pound enemy advances. Jam the enemy signals to gain an advantage. Call in air strikes, artillery strikes, and warheads to turn the tide of battle.