Different Strokes

Entrant 2024

Different Folks


Paint! Fix! Explore! A collaborative online painting game where players can create, edit, and rate each other's art!

Your friend, a conceptual artist, has invited you to their latest exhibition. You enter expecting to see their art adorning the walls, but to your surprise, the VISITORS are the ones drawing the art — they're even drawing over each other's work! It's up to you to protect the exhibition from being covered in artwork that is, intentionally or otherwise, truly awful.

Explore the ever-expanding gallery!
Paint your own artwork on blank canvases!
Edit other player's artwork!
Rate completed artwork!

All of the art exhibited in the game is 100% created and remixed and rated LIVE by other players. Yes, we host all of this art and load it in dynamically. We hope that you will choose to fix the (inevitable) unacceptable art!