Earth Clicker: Idle Clicker

Entrant 2024

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Welcome to Earth Clicker - The Ultimate Clicker Game!

Join the exciting clicker adventure of "Earth Clicker." It all started as a hobby project and turned into pixel art fun at its finest!

Tap to Earn: Simply tap to collect coins and begin your journey.

Shop Goodies: Explore the store for amazing upgrades that supercharge your earnings. Spend coins on XP for speedy growth and Cursors for continuous coin flow!

Level Up: Climb the levels by earning experience points (XP) and aim for level 110. Along the way, discover hidden surprises and secret menu treats.

Stay Connected: Join our Instagram community @EARTHCLICKEROFFICIAL. Find exclusive coupons for in-game goodies and connect with fellow Earth Clicker fans.

Conquer Challenges: Take on exciting quests with ever-increasing coin targets. Achieve these milestones for a +10% COIN BONUS!

Asteroid Showers: Keep an eye on the sky for random asteroid drops every 90 seconds to 5 minutes. Click to turbocharge your earnings, but miss one, and a brief earthquake may slow you down.

Always Fresh: "Earth Clicker" continually evolves with updates, introducing new features, thrilling adventures, and exciting mini-games!

Dive into this captivating clicking adventure, tackle epic quests for fantastic rewards, and explore the endless universe of "Earth Clicker." Prepare for non-stop cosmic fun!