The Elephant Collection

Entrant 2024

Wonderful Elephant


The Elephant Collection is a series of works by John Cooney produced between 2008 and 2012, featuring a small Blue Elephant in a personal exploration of design. From thinky puzzle platformers to rapid-fire arcade games, this decalogy is remastered, restored, and presented to modern standards as one collection. These games have been played by millions of players since their initial release for free, and are presented collectively now as The Elephant Collection, featuring the following titles:

• This is the Only Level 1, 2, and 3: There's only one level but the solution changes every time you beat it. In each of these titles tease out the solution to find the exit and move onto... the same level

• Achievement Unlocked 1, 2, and 3: Think outside the box in a series dedicated to unlocking hundreds of achievements. Every game provides a set of achievements and challenges to discover each

• Elephant Quest: Fight through an expansive RPG world, power up your elephant, and help your fellow elephants in fun side quests in order to stop Wooly from stealing your hat

• Obey! the Game: A rapid-fire microgame collection with quick-draw Simonlike mechanics

• Run, Elephant, Run: Do the right thing...

• Elephant Rave: ...just believe.