The Enjenir

Entrant 2024


'The Enjenir' is a sandbox "engineering" game that combines gridless physics building with ragdoll 3rd person driven platforming.

The name "Enjenir" is a play on "Engineer" as you play a clumsy engineer fumbling his way from one construction project to the next, often doing the bare minimum to complete a construction job, with a debatable levels of safety...

The game is 100% driven by physics, as all construction materials and structural members simulate physics realistically. This, combined with the gridless nature of the build mechanics, cause all manner of rickety structures & provides the players with infinite ways of completing objectives.

The 100% physics approach of 'The Enjenir' is not just limited to the building system either… all character movement is fully physics-driven, too! Players will be able to control the character in a truly unique way using a completely bespoke ragdoll character movement system.

This physics-driven approach to both the character and the building ensures no short supply of wacky and hilarious moments!