Entrant 2024

Mohsin Memom


What is Evivve?

Evivve is a multiplayer online game-based learning tool that revolutionizes corporate learning.

Who is Evivve meant for?

Trainers and facilitators seek innovative tools and methods to engage learners, create impactful learning experiences, and drive behavior change. Evivve empowers trainers/facilitators to design engaging learning experiences that align with specific learning objectives. Evivve is designed by facilitators for facilitators, offering flexibility and control over the learning process.

How Does Evivve do it?

Evivve is meticulously designed to provide immersive experiences that facilitate experiential learning. By blending play & learning, we engage players in meaningful ways, fostering critical thinking, collaboration and empathy. We understand that games can shape perspectives and behaviors and this understanding led us to create Evivve, a game that makes a difference.

We embrace the use of AI to enhance the facilitation process. Our AI-powered platform brings ease and efficiency to facilitators, enabling them to create customized game experiences for specific learning objectives. This technology empowers facilitators to focus on guiding players, analyzing data, and delivering impactful debrief sessions thereby amplifying the value of the gameplay.

With Evivve, we are transforming the gaming landscape and redefining the boundaries of experiential learning.