Entrant 2024

Kalamona Studios


Feudums combines grand strategy with classic 4X strategy and social gaming, with a strong emphasis on putting the narrative in the hands of the players, creating a fully organic and entirely community-driven, unique story for each game.

Feudums is primarily an online multiplayer game with dual focus:

Playing as a noble house, you build your legacy through several online games, define (or redefine) your values and renown, and earn your place among the great houses. You set different goals for your protagonists in different games, then use them cleverly to shape each other's stories alongside their own through the noble house.

Playing as a main character of your house, you develop, protect and expand your holdings and guide your people in strategic, tick-based 4X sessions in a world filled with thousands of other players. You integrate yourself into a player-driven feudal society, then, depending on your virtue, shape the course of diplomacy, intrigue or warfare to get your way.

Feudums provides an achievement system based on medieval heraldry, modding support with fully customizable game rules and settings, an original vibe and unlike most online strategy games, is strictly *not* pay to win.