Entrant 2024

Nat Quayle Nelson


An episodic, queer, sci-fi comedy visual novel.

One day, before he can even graduate high school, Finn Flynn wakes up in the body of a housefly. Without the use of his voice, he'll have to enlist his prankster ex-boyfriend, and his dads, an insectophobic mad scientist and a punk rocker, to solve the mystery of his transformation, and maybe get his life back?

FLIES FLIES FLIES will contain 6 episodes of roughly 25 minutes' playtime each. 2 episodes will be available at launch, and the rest will be released as free updates throughout 2023 and 2024.

FLIES FLIES FLIES is a linear, scripted experience. There are no player choices, alternate endings, etc.


Dark sci-fi comedy story full of twists and turns
A diverse cast of lovable oddballs
Eclectic collage art style
Fully voice-acted with subtitles
Sound captions
You'll laugh
You'll cry
You'll turn into a fly??
Just kidding
But only about that last one