Gori: Cuddly Carnage

Entrant 2024

Angry Demon Studio


Want to slice creepy toys? Want to dice mutated unicorns? Want to play as a murder-kitty on a death-dealing hoverboard? Great news! Gori: Cuddly Carnage is the game you've been waiting for! Your cuddly crew gets unwillingly dragged into a battle that wiped out all humans and laid waste to everything on earth that wasn't cute and cuddly enough for The Adorable Army – a horde of mutated and blood-thirsty toys that only YOU can destroy!

A foul-mouthed third-person hack 'n' slash on a hoverboard who likes to dice mutated unicorns?! F*ck yeah! Play as a murder-kitty on a death-dealing hoverboard as you follow Gori*, F.R.A.N.K., and CH1-P, on their journey to save their own lives and stop the carnage of the Adorable Army and its dark leaders.

In this third person action game you can hang out with F.R.A.N.K – the razor-sharp hoverboard and CH1-P – the depressed modular AI that's constantly complaining as you wipe out hordes of cuddly and horrible toys – all while playing as Gori – the most adorable and badass Cat in the world!