Hell Of A Racket

Student Entrant 2024

University of Utah
Helltown Racketeers LLC


Play as a fallen angel seeking redemption by punishing satanic worshipers who don't play the holiest of sports....tennis! Use your blessed racket to wreak havoc and show that these satanic practices have no standing in God's land!

Hell of a Racket is a unique twist on an old-school genre: First-Person Shooter? No. First-Person Swinger! Engage with enemies in a unique way by reflecting projectiles at them with your racket or simply smacking them! Jump, dash, run, or wall-climb your way around the arena and kill your enemies as you work your way to the final boss: Pickle Ball Satan!

Core Mechanics and Features:
- Reflect projectiles and launch enemies into each other with a swing of your tennis racket.
- Charge your swing to send out faster projectiles.
- Dynamic environment that utilizes your skillset
- Be mindful of your timing; get it wrong, and suffer from inaccuracy.
- Rack up kills against enemies in exciting ways to increase your multiplier and achieve a high score!
- Utilize powerups to increase your strength or mobility!

- Customizable HUD that allows players to toggle or change the color and size of HUD elements
- Enemy Highlights to help players locate enemies within the game and easily judge distance from them.
- Adjustable projectile reflection range. This gives players extra time to react to incoming projectiles.
- Control mapping across both keyboard and controller