In His Time

Entrant 2024


For those of you who are unable to see their loved ones ever again.
I can't see them anymore. But I really wish that I could see and hold them again. Where is my special person? I wonder if I will ever meet them again. "In His Time" is a 2D mystery-solving adventure game that faces these feelings. The main character Ollie, a young boy who lost his father early, lives with his mother Laila. His mother has recently become ill, so he is left to attend school and take care of the housework. Even at school, Ollie is bullied by Bobby the big kid, and his cronies Mila and Hugo. He is also scolded by his teachers every day....... It was as if the world was pushing Ollie into a corner.
One day Ollie is threatened by Bobby and his friends and together they sneak into a spooky mansion. They steal "parts" of a certain work and escape, only to be caught by the owner of the house - an old man named Joseph. Joseph, who claims to be a watchmaker, asks Ollie what happened to him and says he won't do anything bad to Ollie if he gets the "parts" back from Bobby and his friends. Will Ollie be able to reconcile with Bobby and the others? What will happen to his mother? And who is Joseph? Ollie's adventure begins. We hope you will join us to see how it ends and how he develops!