Entrant 2024

Mipumi Games


Howl is a turn-based tactical folktale set in medieval times. A sinister 'howling plague' has ravaged the land, turning all who hear it into feral beasts. You play a deaf hero plunging into danger in search of a cure.

Use your weapons and your wits to survive, planning up to six steps in advance to outmanoeuvre your opponents. As you plot out your attack, you'll also craft your own prophecy, weaving a continuous piece of scripture during the fight.

The visuals of Howl are created through 'living ink', a flowing artstyle that paints the story as you play. Carve your way through a dark fairytale world, fighting and writing to rid the lands of the plague.

- Foretell the actions of your enemies in tactical, turn-based combat
- Beautifully illustrated in a unique, living ink artstyle
- Unlock and upgrade new skills like shadow step, exploding shot and more
- Save villagers from the claws - or howl - of the wolves
- Play through 60 levels in 4 chapters
- Plot your route on the world map to uncover new skills and secret paths