Keyword2: Nightfall

Entrant 2024

City From Naught


Keyword 2: Nightfall is an expansive detective RPG set in a single city block, where each secret leads to another. Descend into every nook and cranny in the desolate slum, and scale the luxury mansions housing deadly conspiracies. Interrogate deadly witnesses, solve murders, eat hotpot and go on dates. Join Kurt on his journey of love and justice.

Keyword 2: Nightfall is the sequel to our debut game, Keyword: A Spider's Thread. It is a 3D, single-player, first-person open-world detective RPG with an emphasis on world-building and character development. The primary design goal for Keyword 2 is to create a living, breathing world with a diverse cast of NPCs, conspiracies as well as mind-bending puzzles.