Entrant 2024

Pixel Rats Ltd


Kiyo is a stealthy side scroller platform-adventure combining pixel art with modern visual effects.
It's built with a custom engine that we developed from scratch.
The game is story-based, full of satyrical humor, pole-dancing animals in dubious clubs, and surprising dialogues.
It's brutally hard, but you can outsmart most of the puzzles (and gun your way through the others).
It features a bunch of wacky characters (play as a tiger, fox or raccoon) and a funky world that you can explore freely on foot and by metro.
It has an original synthwave soundtrack and immersive sound effects.

You are recruited to take control of Kiyo's body and help him sabotage the evil bunny corporation that's killing his planet.
Sneak in the shadows, master archery, swing with ninja ropes, crack tough puzzles, and slay fluffy rabbits.
Handcrafted from scratch by an AAA coder gone rogue and a visionary artist - a starving two people team, indie all the way!